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Forgiveness: Transforming You
Non-fiction, Bible Study

The Umite Imperative

Edited By Dorathy Gass

Forgiveness is one of the cornerstones of Christianity. Still, even though the Bible tells us to forgive, it does not tell us how to forgive … or does it?

Forgiveness is certainly not an immediate reaction. It is a process; it is something that you must work towards and want to work towards.

The Layman’s Bible Study Series on "Forgiveness: Transforming You" uses a biblical, psychological, and practical approach to forgiveness. The author guides readers through the process of understanding not only why you need to forgive, but to learn how you can forgive. The path to forgiveness is in the Bible, and reading through this book, you will see how the author backs this up with psychosomatic reasoning and applied experience.

The key to forgiveness, as you will learn, is in wanting to forgive. Once you have come to the realization that this is half the battle, you will learn how to get to that place of forgiveness via a step-by-step process. Through the pages of this book, readers will find a tried and true method of “working through the problem”, so that you can get beyond anger, remorse, hatred, victimization, and unhappiness. Once you learn how to forgive, and apply this method again and again, the process of forgiveness becomes easier as time goes by.

The ugly truth about being unforgiving is that it does not hurt the person who has not been forgiven: it only truly hurts the person who simply cannot forgive.

Spend some time working with God and yourself to find your path to forgiveness. Doing so will transform you into that person you wish you could be, the person you were meant to be: a person who is at peace.

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